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Warning Signs That Your Vehicle's Exhaust is Leaking

The exhaust system on your vehicle is responsible for moving deadly gases away from the engine and out the back of the car by way of the tailpipe. Here's how you can spot leaks in the exhaust system.

Listen carefully and you'll discover trouble with the exhaust. There could be leaks if you hear any high-pitch whistles coming from the tailpipe or there is a hissing and popping coming from the exhaust manifold or near the engine block.

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Gas Tank In Winter

There is a rumor that has been floating around for years that says your vehicle will get better gas mileage if you keep your gas tank below half of a gallon. We here at Williams Ford Lincoln want you to know that this rule is not true and with the cold weather approaching, it is actually much more important to keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.

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The Role of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Keeping your car's windshield clean is the most important factor in maintaining maximum visibility on the road. Unfortunately, some motorists attempt to use water instead of proper wiper fluid in an attempt to save a few bucks. This is why that is a bad idea:

All water will inevitably freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point it will be completely unusable. Real wiper fluid, however, is specially formulated to freeze a far lower temperature...
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How to Upgrade Your Headlights

You can improve your vehicle’s headlights, whether your car is young or old. It’s worth it, and safety is a major reason. Faulty headlights may prevent other persons or vehicles from seeing your vehicle. If you drive dark roads or highways where animals jump and cross the roads, you have all the more reason to make sure your headlights are performing at their best. Here’s what you can do to improve your headlights.
1. Replace worn headlights with new ones. Your headlights will naturally dim over time and lose their intensity.
2. You may also choose to…
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Which is The Best Oil for Your Vehicle?

You’ve just decided which car to take home, but more decisions are needed. To keep your vehicle running great you’ll need to decide on the best oil for your specific engine. You’re probably wondering which oil you should use for an oil change.

The two types of oil that you can choose from are synthetic oil and conventional oil. Synthetic oil has been specifically designed in a lab for the quality assurance of chemical additives proven to meet high-performance standards. The most efficient quality is to be able to endure high heat environments.

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Get Your Personalized Checklist Made Today

Did you know that your vehicle maintenance specialist can help you to create a personalized maintenance checklist that is specific to your needs and the needs of your car? Yeah, they do more than just change your oil and fix your car. They also can help you to prevent problems down the road by maintaining the important parts of your vehicle-all of them.

Everyone has different driving habits and this is why a personalized checklist is helpful. Did you know that a lot of drivers are considered to have "severe" driving styles?

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