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Plan for Having a Safer Road Trip this Summer

The time to prepare for eventual trouble on the road is while you are safely sitting around the house planning for your trip. Keep in mind the following safety tips and you will make the most of this vacation.
  • Keep a gas can in the trunk in the event you run out of gas.
  • Pack a roll of duct tape in the car so you can make some small repairs.
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Take Care of Your Windshield

Having a cracked or damaged windshield can get very dangerous. Not only may cracks weaken your windshield, but the cracks can make it very difficult to see; especially if it's in your line of vision, or the sun is shining and reflects light into your eyes. The key to handling a cracked windshield is getting it corrected promptly. If you get rock chips, it's best to get them repaired right away as well before they get the chance to grow into something bigger; like cracks...

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How to Get Better Value for Your Tires

Have you ever considered the real value of getting your tires rotated? Tire rotation for your vehicle helps to even out the wear of your tire tread, and that may have long-term benefits. Each time you get a tire rotation, you’re adding value to your investment and saving yourself money from having to replace your tires...

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Which is The Best Oil for Your Vehicle?

You’ve just decided which car to take home, but more decisions are needed. To keep your vehicle running great you’ll need to decide on the best oil for your specific engine. You’re probably wondering which oil you should use for an oil change.

The two types of oil that you can choose from are synthetic oil and conventional oil. Synthetic oil has been specifically designed in a lab for the quality assurance of chemical additives proven to meet high-performance standards. The most efficient quality is to be able to endure high heat environments.

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Get Your Personalized Checklist Made Today

Did you know that your vehicle maintenance specialist can help you to create a personalized maintenance checklist that is specific to your needs and the needs of your car? Yeah, they do more than just change your oil and fix your car. They also can help you to prevent problems down the road by maintaining the important parts of your vehicle-all of them.

Everyone has different driving habits and this is why a personalized checklist is helpful. Did you know that a lot of drivers are considered to have "severe" driving styles?

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