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What Does the Lincoln Emblem Represent?

Our brand logo, often called the Lincoln star, is iconic. Since the 1950s, it has symbolized luxury with its simple, elegant design. But where did it come from?


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The Lincoln Motor Company was named after President Abraham Lincoln himself. The company's founder, Henry M. Leland, voted for Lincoln in 1864, and always admired the man.

The Lincoln star, however, has nothing to do with Honest Abe.

During World War I, Lincoln got its start as an aircraft engine manufacturer. Only once the war ended, and the market for aircraft dried up, did the company move into crafting luxury vehicles.

The star still probably has nothing to do with that, either.

So what is the star about?

The specifics of that have been lost to history, but many theorize it is a simplification of one of Lincoln's early logos-- a coat-of-arms featuring a red cross.

Others say the star is literally a star, to represent the luxury line's radiance.

We're quite fond of that theory. Visit Williams Ford Lincoln in Sayre, PA, and see for yourself how lustrous our new vehicles can be.

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