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Can Lincoln's Multi-Contour Seats Fix Your Muscle Fatigue?

"I was originally a physical therapist," said Marc Turina, "then I started to think to myself, 'why am I waiting around for people to get hurt and then trying to fix them?'"

He became an ergonomist to help people make better decisions to protect their bodies.

One thing, he noticed, is the impact of prolonged sitting. Many people with back injuries find they have trouble sitting for long periods of time. Part of the problem is that most seats are one-size-fits-all, and the human body is not.

Car seats often offer several points of adjustment to help drivers stay comfortable. After all, in the car, you're essentially trapped -- unable to get up and stretch until you've reached your destination. Add to that repetitive movements, and seat comfort becomes paramount.

However, most other cars fall short of the ergonomic adjustment which is needed for a truly tailored fit.

The Lincoln MKX offers Multi-Contour seating with 22 points of adjustment. This impeccable number of adjustments includes cushion length, and lumbar support side bolsters. Multi-Contour seats are designed to adapt to your body and fit you like a glove to relieve pressure points and muscle fatigue, and improve blood flow and posture.

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