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What Makes a Good Roadside Emergency Kit?

Keeping a roadside emergency kit in your car at all times is essential for handling vehicle breakdowns safely and efficiently, but what goes into such a kit?

Ideally, you should keep various tools to make minor fixes. Sometimes a patch job is all it takes to get you to a safe place to make permanent repairs.


  • First-aid kit: The ability to patch your car is great, but patching you takes precedence!
  • Duct tape: You can temporarily fix a dizzying array of things with some duct tape.
  • Foam tire sealant: This can help you get enough out of a punctured tire to make repairs elsewhere in a safe place.
  • Jumper cables: Not only will these help you out of a dead battery jam, but you can also help out other stranded motorists!
  • Road triangles: Keep at least three of these. Their bright, reflective surfaces will help warn oncoming traffic to be wary of you.

Another good way to prepare for roadside emergencies is to guard against them with regular maintenance.

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