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Are Your Wiper Blades Ready for Winter Weather?

Effective wiper blades are important during any season, and especially so for winter weather. During winter, you’ll experience ice, snow, rain, sleet and freezing temperatures. Many people will focus on fluid levels, car blankets, and cell phone chargers in the event they get stuck while traveling. However, not many people think to check their windshield wiper blades.

Visibility is critical in winter weather conditions. The difference between an accident and a safe trip can result from mere seconds of visibility. Your reaction time is critical, and if you can’t see what’s up ahead, you may be headed for a serious accident.

There are a lot of windshield wiper blades on the market. Your owner’s manual is an excellent reference source for determining the right blades. Williams Ford Lincoln can help you choose and install the right winter blades as well. Their technicians can also check to make sure your entire vehicle is running smoothly and ready for harsh, winter conditions.
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