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Warning Signs That Your Vehicle's Exhaust is Leaking

The exhaust system on your vehicle is responsible for moving deadly gases away from the engine and out the back of the car by way of the tailpipe. Here's how you can spot leaks in the exhaust system.

Listen carefully and you'll discover trouble with the exhaust. There could be leaks if you hear any high-pitch whistles coming from the tailpipe or there is a hissing and popping coming from the exhaust manifold or near the engine block.

When you get in your car and it is running, you can feel trouble with the exhaust. Try to feel for a new vibration when you are holding the steering wheel or your foot is gently touching the gas pedal. Blocks or rusty pipes could be the cause.

Leaking exhaust is a serious matter. Come by Williams Ford Lincoln so we can get a service technician to check it out today.

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